Tan Joo Ean  
Tan Joo Ean
Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology, 1991)
University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests:
Gender and the Family; Demography; Sociology of Organizations; Development and Social Change.
HS801 Women in a Globalized World
HS804 Sex, Death, and Related Social Processes
Selected Publications:
JooEan Tan. 2010. “Social Relationships in a Modern Age: Never-Married Women in Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila.” Journal of Comparative Family Studies 41(5): 749-765.
JooEan Tan and Gideon Sjoberg. 2005 ‘‘Development and Lifeworld: Individuals, Interstitial Social Relationships, and Large-Scale Organizations.” International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 25 (1/2): 145-170.
JooEan Tan and Yiu-Chung Ko. 2004. “Using Feature Films to Teach Observation in Undergraduate Research Methods.’’ Teaching Sociology 32 (January): 109-118.
Chua Beng Huat and Tan Joo Ean. 1999. ‘‘Singapore: Where the New Middle Class Sets the Standard.’’ In Culture and Privilege in Capitalist Asia, edited by Michael Pinches. London and New York: Routledge.
Ph. 6316-8833
Fax. 6794-6303


Email: JETan@ntu.edu.sg
Curriculum Vitae (in pdf)